Rectal prolapse

Has to do with the exiting of a rectal segment from its natural place, in which the mucous that coats it, overturned outwards through the anal orifice, becomes inflammated and appears to be swollen.
This illness is common in dog's puppies.
Some causes can contribute to digestive system disturbances that cause diarrhea, the presence of vermin or other digestive system parasites and small intestine inflammation or urinary or genital system disturbances, as well as inflammation or enlargement of the prostate, bladder enlargement or urinary stones.




In case of rectal prolapse, APPLY Hypermixvet® as an oily formulation whether it’s locally on the everted part as or injected into the rectum in a quantity of ½ cc. 

Applying Hypermixvet®, from two to five times a day , has demonstrably reduced within the first 6 hours inflammatory edema that swells the everted tract allowing for, even after 12 hours, a partial and even less stable repositioning.
In the subsequent 24 hours, repositioning will always be more stable up to the complete restoration of the bowel's functionality.
The course of recovery usually lasts about 5 days and can vary based on the animal's size.