When is Hypermixvet® expiration date?

Its expiration date is 4 years for all marketed formulations.

Does Hypermixvet® have any precautions?

a. Do not use the product along with disinfectants or other primary dressings because they can partially or fully eliminate the action of Hypermixvet®.
b. Hypermixvet® is unable to act on tissue with inadequate perfusion. This is because a tissue without its necessary oxygenation is dead or is dying, and therefore is not able to react and heal. So it does not make sense to apply Hypermixvet® where tissue hypoxia is less than 30mmHg of O2.
c. During CLEANSE and APPLY operations, it might arises a temporary burning sensation which then progressively decreases. This sensation is still positive even if painful, because it arises from the excitement of the nervous tissue in contact with the gauze and/or the dressing, whether you are applying or cleansing, but also from the action of a revascularization stimulus of the perilesional margin promoted by Hypermixvet®, essential for healing.

Why is it not advisable to use disinfectants?

Depending on the stage of the wound, disinfectants can cause these effects:

re-initiation of the inflammatory process, i.e. the lesion stays in the reactive and cleaning phase and does not enter the reconstruction phase, generating a prolonged inflammatory phase.

this leads to a lack of progression to the granulation step, which is the phase of new tissue accumulation for repairing.

in the second or third phase of the healing process, they cause the arrest of the granulation phase and inhibit the re-epithelialization creating scar fibrotization (= bad quality of the scar).

Disinfectants should avoid wound infections, but you should also avoid to prolong or stop the repair process.

It's better to use a product that does not allow infection and at the same time facilitates every phase of tissue repair: Hypermixvet®!

Why does it allow to avoid the use of local antibiotics?

The antiseptic (antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial) action of Hypermixvet® has a very broad and effective spectrum and since the local antibiotics cause the development of antibiotic resistance and fungal superinfections, as well as the prolongation of the inflammatory phase, it's useless to use them when the infection risk is effectively avoided by the application of Hypermixvet®.

Why does it allow to avoid steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for topical use (cortisone ointment)?

This anti-inflammatory product stops the healing process, torpid sores, bacterial and fungal superinfections. The active ingredients of Hypermixvet® are extracted from Neem and St. John's Wort, which, as historically known and reported, and scientifically verified and justified, they are both used as medicinal plants in the treatment of tissue lesions for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
It is therefore unnecessary to use an anti-inflammatory product that can create problems to lesion healing, when Hypermixvet® helps to resolve the inflammatory process while encouraging the proper progress of each phase of wound repair.

Why Hypermixvet® is much more than a simple aid to healing?

The secret of Hypermixvet® is its ability to promote injured tissue. There is a difference between the regeneration and the healing process.
The healing process (or tissue repair) is scar healing, i.e. the replacement of the skin tissue with connective tissue (the scar tissue) which is of hard-elastic consistency.
A healing can take place in an imperfect or inefficient way, for example, with an incomplete or ineffective re-epithelialization, unable to ensure the action of the skin barrier (atrophic healing); it can also be: hypertrophic, depressed, irregular, or it can degenerate into keloid.
Tissue regeneration does not include scars: the replacement tissue tends to resume its original elasticity and texture and the skin appendages regain their previous features, leaving at most a local discoloration in the area affected by the lesion, once fully recovered.
Hypermixvet® promotes first of all tissue regeneration and becomes a healing aid only when the optimal regeneration is impossible due to extension, age of the lesion, serious pathophysiological context, and especially as a result of improper and ineffective prior therapies.
Anyway, it is the stimulus to tissue regeneration that allows Hypermixvet® promote the healing of a chronic lesion even if before this was impossible. And it is always the promoted tissue regeneration that allows Hypermixvet® to prevent worst situations due to an imperfect healing.

Keeping the wound area hydrated is a unique feature of Hypermixvet® or it’s a general feature of advanced dressings?

"All advanced dressing act in a moist environment!". This is one of the fundamental definition of them. As advanced dressing, Hypermixvet® maintains the wound moist progressively adjusting secretions tissue as a function of the repairing needs. As advanced dressing, Hypermixvet® maintains the wound moist progressively adjusting secretions tissue as a function of the repairing needs. As an additional feature, Hypermixvet® is able to hydrate it so to allow the progress of the healing process.
Other dressings hydrate lesions in an indirect way by exploiting tissue evaporation but it needs a continuous monitoring to avoid maceration of healthy tissue around the lesion.
Hypermixvet® preserves the periwound healthy tissue and hydrates at the same time the lesion.

Why everyone needs Hypermixvet®?

Thanks to Hypermixvet® versatility, sooner or later, everyone will need it, either to treat an insect bite, maybe difficult to heal, or burns, casual abrasions, genital disorders, which are causing so much trouble, etc.
Thanks to its multi-functionality, it protects against infection and performs many other tasks that would otherwise require multiple products. Therefore it is a safe and cheap product.

What is the difference between GEL and OILY formulation?

In the GEL formulation the active principles are more diluted, whilst in the OILY formulation they are more concentrated.

Why should you prefer Hypermixvet® to competition products?