Rabbit - Probable burnt wound

Rabbit, male. Wound on the top of the head, included right ear (the lesion appears like a burn, probably due to a boiling liquid or to caustic substance)


CLEANSE the lesion by WASHING IT with potable water and Marseilles soap, or only with physiological solution or with hypertonic saline solution.


APPLY the Oily formulation2 times per day by covering the wound with Hypermixvet® gauzes (gauzes must be replacing at every dressing’s change).
GEL formulation is reccomended during the re-epithelialization stage till the complete healing.
ALL YOU EVER NEED IS A THIN LAYER of Hypermixvet®! IMPORTANT! ALWAYS SPREAD THE PRODUCT WELL, even on the perilesional margins.


At the discretion of the veterinarian, COVER with elastic bandages or similar products.
If covering is not possible or lasting, increase the frequency of medication.

Adjuvant for the treatment of the pets

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